Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

A sustainable facade

Large Surfaces

Cable nets are often used when large surfaces are involved, when denser vegetation is desired, or when larger spans have to be made. Cable nets also offer the solution when it is not possible to drill into the facade. The stainless steel cable net is a nice climbing aid for creeping plants and can also serve as a fence.

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Ontwerp de diamant Carl Stahl Green Walls
De diamant apeldoorn rvs netten Carl Stahl Green Walls

Type of cable mesh

A standing mesh 160×277 mm is usually used as mesh size. If the type of plant allows it, a larger mesh of 200×343 mm can also be used. The diameter of the mains cable is often 2 mm for green facades and 3 mm for larger dimensions.

Double function

The nets can simultaneously function as a safety net. In that case, balustrades or fencing can be omitted, making it economically more favorable to use such a cable network.
Kabelnetten als klimhulp - Carl Stahl Green Walls

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We are not gardeners, but we do know this:

Garland plants or winders.
This group grows well with a vertical climbing aid. There are right-winding varieties (e.g. Honeysuckle), left-winding varieties (Blue Rain) and those that wind in both directions (Bridal Veil).
Enterers or support climbers. These espalier plants need a horizontal climbing aid. Rather, they grow like a veil over the supports. Winter Jasmine and Climbing Roses are the best known examples of this group.
Tendril-forming plants. Rankers or tendril-forming species need a meshed network. Examples are the Bosrank, the Clematis and the Vine. At the bottom of this page you will find more information about the use of cable networks.

Creating a sustainable shell.

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