Stainless Steel Tension Cables

Climbing Aid Systems

Create a green facade with tension cables.

Stainless Steel
Tension Cables

AISI316, the best quality

Cables form a good basis for the vines to grow. The cables can be placed in different ways. The cables must engage with eyelets or tabs. They prefer to be guided in between. The diameter of the cable depends on the span, but is usually 4, 6 or 8mm.
RVS-kabel-4mm klimhulpsystemen groene gevel Carl Stahl Green Walls

Every project is unique.

Different versions

The tension cables are tensioned with the wire terminals or tensioners. Different versions are possible so that the cables can always connect to the construction.
RVS-kabel-4mm klimhulpsystemen groene gevel Carl Stahl Green Walls
RVS kabel
RVS-zelfbouw-draadterminal-met-kabel klimhulpsysteem groene gevel Carl Stahl Green Walls
RVS draadterminal

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We generally assemble this type of climbing aid system ourselves. It is important that the tension in the cables is checked. We often make the cables fully customized on site by means of rolling machines.

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We are not gardeners, but we do know this about the plants.

Garland plants or winders. This group grows well with a vertical climbing aid. There are right-winding varieties (e.g. Honeysuckle), left-winding varieties (Blue Rain) and those that wind in both directions (Bridal Veil).
Enterers or support climbers. These espalier plants need a horizontal climbing aid. Rather, they grow like a veil over the supports. Winter Jasmine and Climbing Roses are the best known examples of this group.
Tendril-forming plants. Rankers or tendril-forming species need a meshed network. Examples are the Bosrank, the Clematis and the Vine. At the bottom of this page you will find more information about the use of cable networks.

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