Standard Climbing AIds

For stone and wooden facades

Create a green facade with tension cables and spacer bars

We have 3 different spacers: the basic stainless steel, the robust stainless steel and the aluminum spacer.

Which one is most suitable for you depends on the pattern you want to create on the facade, but also on the type of facade.

Stainless Steel Standoffs

The basic and robust stainless steel spacers are ideal for creating straight lines with tension cables. Both are available separately or in complete sets in the webshop.

The basic holders are somewhat smaller and lighter and suitable for use around private homes. In public areas we recommend the robust holder.

Aluminum Standoffs

Aluminum spacers are perfect when you want to create creative patterns on the facade. The aluminum spacer can be ordered separately in the webshop.

The aluminum holder is lighter and therefore also suitable for light facade constructions or facades with insulation on the outside.

Loose Spacers

Stainless Steel Basic

RVS-basic-houder klimhulp Carl Stahl Green Walls
The basic stainless steel spacers are our budget holders and ideal for your home. The spacers have a diameter of 16 mm and a total length of 95 mm.

With the purchase you get a plug, an M8 hanger bolt, a rosette and the spacer 

Stainless Steel Robust

Robuuste houder Carl Stahl
The robust stainless steel spacers are a lot stronger and larger. We recommend these in public areas. The spacers have a diameter of 25mm and a length of 120mm.

Upon purchase you will receive a plug, an M10 hanger bolt, a rosette and the spacer.

Spacer Sets

4 dozen op stapel
The assembled sets contain everything you need and these sets are cheaper than buying the products separately. You can choose from four different sizes. Each size is for a different height.

XS: up to 2 meters
S: up to 4 meters
M: up to 6 meters
L: up to 9 meters


The aluminum spacers are suitable for lighter substructures. The spacers have a diameter of 29mm and a length of 95 or 150mm.

Upon purchase you will receive a plug, an M10 hanger bolt, a rosette and the spacer itself.

The Basics

Carl Stahl Green Walls set overzicht
Stainless steel tension cables with a diameter of 4mm are used as standard. A thicker cable is only required if the facade is higher than 15 meters or with large spans. When in doubt, ask us for advice.

The cables are tensioned with wire terminals at the ends of the cables. These wire terminals can be clamped to the cable on site with two wrenches and are tensioned using the supplied nut.

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Related Products

Stainless Steel Gripping Eye

Ondersteuningsoog-RVS-met-gaffel-terminal groene gevel klimhulpsystemen Carl Stahl Green Walls
With tension cables longer than 10 meters, the cables must be braced towards the facade due to the high reaction forces.

Stainless Steel Climbing Support

Klimsteun-RVS-met-spankabel-voorkant klimhulp systeem Carl Stahl Green Walls
Some plants need extra support. The stainless steel climbing supports have a modern and sleek look.

Stainless Steel Cross Clamp

With these cross clamps you can connect a horizontal cable to the vertical tension cables for extra support.

Cable Cutter

Knipper - Carl Stahl Green Walls
This sturdy cable cutter is suitable for effortlessly cutting stainless steel tension cables up to 5 mm. Ideal for at home.


The mounting of the spacers and tensioning of the cables is easy to do. The general assembly sequence is as follows:

1. mark all points on the facade and drill the holes (diameter and depth may vary)
2. anchor the threaded end with a chemical anchor (or screw the hanger bolts into a plug or into the wood)
3. mount the rosette and the spacer
4. mount the wire terminal to the cable, hang the cable on the top spacer and lead the cable to the bottom
5. cut the cable to size and fit the lower spacer.

Are you stuck? You can always call us. We are happy to help you with your green facade.
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage

We are not gardeners, but we do know this about the plants.

Garland plants or winders. This group grows well with a vertical climbing aid. There are right-winding varieties (e.g. Honeysuckle), left-winding varieties (Blue Rain) and those that wind in both directions (Bridal Veil).
Enterers or support climbers. These espalier plants need a horizontal climbing aid. Rather, they grow like a veil over the supports. Winter Jasmine and Climbing Roses are the best known examples of this group.
Tendril-forming plants. Rankers or tendril-forming species need a meshed network. Examples are the Bosrank, the Clematis and the Vine. At the bottom of this page you will find more information about the use of cable networks.

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