Climbing aid systems

Standard system

We have standard climbing aid systems for stone facades. Our aluminum holders are also suitable for wooden facades. These standard systems can be purchased via the webshop, but you can always contact us for projects.
huizingaschool met verticale spankabels voorzien van groene klimhulp

Tension cable system

If the facade is slightly different and large spans are required, we will always take a look with you. With tension cables, large spans can be made in a relatively simple way. The tension cables are extremely strong and hardly stand out.
Powerhouse Eindhoven met spankabels langs de gevel voor groene gevel - Carl Stahl Green Walls

Cable mesh system

Cable nets are often used when large spans have to be made. The net is a beautiful ivy for plants and can also serve as fall protection. This type of climbing aid does require a little more preparation, but once it has been developed, it is an ideal system.
Diamant groene gevel Carl Stahl Greenwalls