assembly of
standard climbing aids

assembly of
standard climbing aids

for stone and wooden facades

You are almost there...

By now you have the climbing aid systems at home and you need to mount them onto the facade or fence. We are happy to help you with this. Below you will find our assembly manual and a step by step guide through the installation process.

Assembly & points of attention

1. Highlight

Use the chalk to mark the position of the spacers. We always recommend drilling in the middle of the brick, but it is also allowed in the joint. You don't necessarily have to keep an even distance between the spacers. That's what you like or what suits you best.

2a. Drilling + chemical

If you are going to anchor threaded rod with chemical anchor, you have to drill about 70mm deep. Always use a drill bit that is two sizes larger than the stud. You can possibly stick a tape on your drill so that you know that you are drilling about 70mm deep.

After drilling you have to blow or suck all the dust out of the hole. Use a pump or a vacuum cleaner for this. Do not blow with your mouth or you will get the dust in your eyes!

Then spray the chemical anchor into the hole, let it dry briefly and then screw the threaded end into the anchor. Please note that the threaded end protrudes approximately 15-20mm.

Then wait 30 minutes for the chemical anchor to harden completely.

2b. boren + plug

If you have ordered a hanger bolt, you will receive a plug. Then make sure you drill about 70mm deep with the same diameter drill as the plug.

If you are going to fix in wood, the plug is of course not necessary. Make sure that you fix the hanger bolt in a wooden beam.

The hanger bolt still has to protrude 15 to 20mm so that you can screw the spacer on it.

3. Mount Holder

Once the chemical anchor has hardened, you can mount the spacers. If the hole in the holder does not come out well, you can possibly unscrew the threaded end or the hanger bolt a little.

4. Install Cable

Mount the wire terminal on the cable and hook it in at the top. Pass the cable through all holders and cut the cable to size at the bottom. Then clamp the wire terminal there as well. You can see the steps in the photos below.
Are you stuck? You can always call us. We are happy to help you with your green facade.
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage
klimhulp details eindterminals montage

The Basics

Carl Stahl Green Walls set overzicht
cable length # of holders gripping eye wire terminals
1 to 3 meters 2 - 2
3 to 6 meters 3 - 2
6 to 7 meters 5 - 2
7 to 9 meters 6 1 1
9 to 12 meters 8 2 -
12 to 14 meters 10 2 -

together we can create a green world.

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