Natural screens for distribution centers

Green distribution centers by means of natural screens and green facades. With the climbing aid systems from Carl Stahl Green Walls you can green any surface. We have 3 systems: tension cables with spacers, tension cables without spacers and the cable net system. It depends on the facade and the wishes, which system is most suitable.
The sustainable vertical gardens contribute to clean air and a healthy living environment.
With the construction of vertical gardens you promote biodiversity in your living environment.
Takes care
A green facade provides cooling in the indoor space in a natural and simple way.
sound barrier
The vegetation acts as a sound barrier in a sustainable and natural way.

Nature screens

around a distribution center

With the help of cable nets, a nature screen can be realized in a relatively simple way. The cable nets are made to measure by us, as desired, and mounted in a frame.

Green facades

around a distribution center

But facades and silos can be made green in a simple way with the help of stainless steel cables as a climbing aid system.

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