A vertical garden
for every building

sustainable green facade

The climbing aid systems from Carl Stahl DecorCable are ideal for creating a green, sustainable facade. Whether it concerns a fence, a house, an apartment complex or a public building, indoors or outdoors, we are happy to help you develop your ideal vertical garden.

indoors and outdoors

The climbing aids can be mounted on both interior and exterior walls. It is important that the surface is solid, such as a wooden surface or a surface consisting of masonry.

for every building, from fences to public places

Our climbing aid systems are ideal for small and large surfaces. They are used on fences, homes, apartment complexes and public buildings. Our tension cables and cable nets can cover large spans.

for every type of facade

Groene gevels voor huizen van particulieren met spankabels Carl Stahl Green Walls


bakstenen gevel groen gemaakt met spankabels

residential buildings

entree met groene gevel

business premises

ontwerp jumbo dc Carl Stahl Green Walls

public buildings

greencable light

rope systems
and standoffs

huizingaschool met verticale spankabels voorzien van groene klimhulp
With simple installation and high design flexibility, the LIGHT system ensures longevity and a delicate appearance even during the growth phase of the climbing plants.

greencable heavy

rope systems and
wall brackets

Powerhouse Eindhoven met spankabels langs de gevel voor groene gevel - Carl Stahl Green Walls
The bracket system as an all-in-one solution offers the optimal solution for planners and architects, especially for ETIC systems, including all fasteners and a structural analysis of the system.

greencable safety

greenery and fall protection with stainless steel mesh

Large load-bearing capacity and span width, combined with a low self weight,  makes cable mesh ideal for greening. It also provides superior fall protection on the façades of multi-story buildings.


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The standard systems are relatively easy to install for small facades. We can also assemble larger projects. Carl Stahl Green Walls has an experienced installation team that installs the climbing aid systems.
montage stadstimmertuinen groene gevel
groengevel stadstimmertuinen 2

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